My published Extension is not in the Warehouse !?

Dear Friends,
I published a plugin named “MAJ Column”. As you can see in the following picture in my extension shows it is published but when I search it in the EWH no result. Can you help me with it?

Thank you in advance,

Is it this one?

When I search using …
… yours is the first in the results listing.

Thank you. It is ok now!!!

Some hours ago I could find it but again it is not in the search result.

Also when I search MAJ, result is in following photo. but extension is in my entensions.

This is what I see when I search ‘maj’:

You probably need to clear your internet browser caches.

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Thank you for your attention. I search again but the same result. I used extension warehouse for search and don’t know where is its cash. Also, I think it is sketchup problem. By the way, if others can find it, it is ok.

The Extension Warehouse window you see when you open it in SketchUp is a web page. Sometimes web browsers get stuck and display a cached version of a web page instead of displaying a fresh version of it. Clearing History in Chrome should force the browser to reload the page from the source. Clearly your extension is out there for others to see and get so this must be a problem at your end.

I agree.
I can’t find "MAJ Column”. I tried 2 different computer (MS Edge, and Google Chrome browsers), android phone (Google Chrome , Samsung internet) without success.

It became more interesting!!! I used VPN with a server in Canada and find MAJ Column. It seems the plugin is available in North America but not available in some parts of the world. I hope someone can help me with it.

Then I assume, there is an issue with a synchronisation of the EW servers worldwide… or something like that. This can be self resolved by the time, or have to be forced by EW team member.

This topic in in the wrong category. Reassign it to Technical Problems > Warehouses please

Dear Dezmo,

Problem is solved here. Can you confirm plugin “MAJ Column” is available for you now?

Thank you in advance,

Yes. I can see now! :slight_smile:

Done! :slight_smile:


I can see it too, i’m in Europa…


I’m getting suggestions and seeing results here in Sweden.