My plugin list (for architects)

Althought SetchUp is grandios, it is not made for architects and is no CAD.

I am no friend of plugins, but in this case they are necessary for my industry. They will make SU nice and smooth to work with.
All are free to use and installed easily. You will find them after installing in context menu, Toolbar or on Extention Tab.

There are two sources to find hundres and more of plugins, so don’t get lost.

  1. Extension Warehouse inside SU.
  2. Plugin Store Download | SketchUcation
    This I my recommendation.

Importing DWG-Files you will need
Author: thomthom
Source: Extension Warehouse and SketchUcation

If you are missing line styles like dashed or dotted lines
Author: TIG
Source: SetchUcation

You need to know the hight of the roof top or of your church tower
Author: TIG
Source: SetchUcation

To show Area and Perimeter of a room, export to .csv, import to LayOut
Author: TIG
Source: SetchUcation

You have set all scenes for floorplans and need to add a Layer. It will show in all scenes and you don’t want to renew them.
Author: cmd
Source: Extension Warehouse

Section Cuts leave the walls open. Close them with
Author: TIG
Source: SetchUcation

Moving Groups and Component to user Layers can cause loose geometry by modifying them. Take care with
Author: TIG
Source: SetchUcation

You want to intersect, but the Groups are not solid.
Author: TIG
Source: SetchUcation

You can easily erase a bunch of Guidelines with one click, do the same with Dimesions.
Author: Julia Christina Eneroth
Source: Extension Warehouse and ScetchUcation

Hatches and material can be easily rotated with
Author: Julia Christina Eneroth
Source: Extension Warehouse and ScetchUcation

Last but not least some must haves.
If you are looking for HD seamless textures or backgrounds have a look at

Now the last one:
If there are not enough Styles shipped for you or you want to render your model, have a look at

Hope you like it.


Yes ! Thanks for sharing

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