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Hope this is where I can introduce myself. I’m Charles Fox and live in Southern California and have been an avid scale modeler for more years than I can count.

I’ve tried SketchUp a few times, but something always interferes, so it’s back to basic, over and over. No great trouble, because I’m using it mainly to create sketches of items (for my scale models) that I will then try to scratch-build. Yeah, insanity for someone who’s 75. But I am determined to finish a model of my ex-car, an Audi TT, with brutally difficult wheels (who would ever design a wheel with 7 spokes!?). And my for-the-next-few-years project is a 1/9 Norvin, a Norton Featherbed frame with a great honking 1000cc Vincent v-twin engine shoehorned in.

I’m working on a Mac with Yosemite 10, an NVIDIA Chip Model 1024 MB, plenty of RAM and a huge screen. Good for old eyes!

I’ve been drawing, including “mechanical drawing”, on and off for a bunch of decades – though I sure find photography easier, especially nowadays. But SketchUp seems so darned intelligent and useful, I’ve got to dig back into it. And to that end, I’ll try to fire up another message to ask my first question. Of many, no doubt! Despite the fact that two guys in a machinists’ group gave our group instructions on how to get started. About 5 or so years ago . . .

My name is Rick Zytaruk and I use Sketchup for quick drawings and to create files to import to other cad SW. I don’t have much experience and have not used it in several months. when I try now I get a message that I am using Sketchup on too many machines, but I am only using it on one…this one…so can anyone advise how I can get past this point to start using it again?
Thanks, Rick

Click that Manage Subscriptions blue button. On the page you end up on, choose My Products, then View Included Applications, and then on the Manage Devices button in the SketchUp Pro panel.

That will deauthorize all devices, and you can then sign out, and sign in again, to work on the machine you are using.

Perfect… Thanks