My furniture is gone when I export

I’ve made an architectural model of a house containing furniture. It’s all in neat little layers (the furniture is in separate layers from the main model) and all present and correct within SU. The file is quite large because of the furniture (the largest I’ve worked with.)
When I export it (I have tried for Kerkythea, with the Kerkythea exporter extension) and 3ds format for Rhino so that I can render the model, all of the furniture is gone, with the exception of a single mug and magazine, which are now hovering due to the table being gone.
What’s going on? Where has my furniture gone and how can I fix this issue?

It’s impossible to answer with any certainty without seeing your model. If the file is too large to upload here (>3MB) you could post it to the 3D Warehouse and give us the link here. Be sure to make it public so that we can access it.

In your model just before exporting switch the face style (last icon) to ‘Monochrome’ and see if the furniture shows back faces blueish-grey on the outside (except for the the mug that has its front faces white outside). If soo, correct the furniture to have front faces on the outside.

All of my faces are correct. Here is a screenshot of part of the model.

It was just a guess, for some renderers neglect back faces FAIK.

But can you distinguish between front and back by different color. You might have both set to white (for whatever reason).

Otherwise a screenshot wont do. upload (part of) the model for others to test, like @slbaumgartner (Steve) suggested.

I did already check the faces. One of the first things I check in renderings that go wrong is if my faces are right, and I’m very careful when building to keep them straight. Here is a link to a Google Drive upload of the model.
I have tried also reducing the layers and then exporting, but SU seems to not want to export all of the furniture (even simple things! The few objects it does export are totally random as to complexity and size)

your Layer 0 is turned off indicating you might not know how they work in SU…

also the blue/grey wall at the back looks like a reverse face to me…

both may be contributing to the issue…


I was going to speculate about layers based on the wording in the first post, but decided to wait until we see the model…

The blue John saw at the back could not of course be part of the model, because it was set to monochrome. What he saw is the sky.

The plant and chair on the roof have some faces reversed, but that shouldn’t stop other things from working. Layer 0 is just the ground plane. Is there something special about layer 0 that could affect other layers?

It’s just that having something other than layer0 active is usually a symptom of the user not understanding how SketchUp’s layers work.


as it’s SketchUp’s default geometry layer, some exporters will export it even when it’s hidden…

if you activate it on scene 3, it blocks 66% of the image…

just sayin…


It is in fact the back face of the glass of the door! It seems all the glass is single skinned so it will have t show back faces. There are many reversed faces throughout the model. But I doubt that is the cause of your specific issue. If that was the case only certain parts would be missing.

I suspect it is down to your layers.
You have layer0 turned off to hide the Geolocation image and terrain.
I would create a layer for them and move them there and hide that layer.
Then I would Unhide Layer0 and make it the active layer and try to export again.

I did as you suggested and juggled things around to allow Layer 0 to be visible, and made it the active layer. It fixed the problem! All of my furniture was present in the export, even if it had the odd reversed face. Thank you very much for everybody’s help, especially to @Box!

I’m glad a solution was found for your specific problem with exporting for rendering.

As a followup, I ran a Ruby that checks for primitive entities (edges and faces) associated with layers other than layer0 and repairs them. In this model it found 193093 such, indicating that you do not correctly understand how SU’s layers work (or perhaps imported components made by someone who doesn’t). Associating primitives with other layers is not necessary and will very often lead to extremely confusing issues with visibility. This is the danger that was flagged by having some other layer active in your model.

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