My feature request

These are my feature request for the new version of sketchup.
I use sketchup for plant design especially for paper machine.
I think this is the best product to handle big layouts has still a lot of potential.

To improve my workflow in Layout I need:

  1. Some kind of inference filter, I often work with cylindrical ans spherical surfaces, and it is difficult take dimensions due to the points on the surfaces. If I had the possibility to filter some construction points my speed in drawing dimension and pipe axes should be dramatically improved

  2. Layout ruby API. Sometime I have to work with big models, so I like to work in raster mode when I add annotation to the layout and then change to vector rendering when I finished (just to export in DWG). When I change from raster to vector I have to wait a long time (hours for each page!!!). If I had API I made a procedure to do in batch a sequence like this: save the drawing > convert all the views in vector rendering > export to dwg > close without saving

To improve my workflow in Sketchup I need:

(3) Cutting surface components improvements. I spend a long time for doing and change drilled holes, I’d like to build a dynamic component with a cylindrical surface and two cutting component (and obviously some combination more complicated such as thread surfaces)

Obviously any idea to do these things i other way is welcome!

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