My cantilever River house

I recently posted an image of a canterlever house. thought I would explain the coceptual design of the house in my image.

I saw a site here in Perth that had a 13M drop from the road to the Shore of the Swan river and thought the house design was awfull and not responsive to the topography of such an amazing site.

The concept is a reinforced concrete shaft encompassing an elevator with access to 3 levels, ground, main living level and carport (Road level) and a chimney for the open firplace. The concrete sructural element is clad in rough limestone masonry.

The cross-section is crude and just a concept.


Looks great! The dimensions might be challenging for a concrete structure. An alternative would be to view the middle level living spaces as a giant steel box beam.

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Thanks mate, I think it wouold not be too dificult and according to some architects on another forum pretty do-able

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Your definition and my definition of ‘difficult’ must be very different.

But I guess if your budget is unlimited you can do anything…

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Note that I corrected the spelling in the thread subject - ‘canterlever’ changed to ‘cantilever’

Well, if you cosider that the site would be very difficult to build a conventional house on that site due to the requirment that a lot of rock would need to be removed and if somebody had enough money to buy such a plot they could easily afford a large spend. And yes it does seem that we both have different ideas of whwt is a difficult build, as far as the build concept goes there is nothing novel in that build It is simple stressed concrete and steel construction.

Thanks mate. I posted this on another site where there are quite a few Architects and all agreed it is completely do-able in a number of ways. It was also noted that the max cantilever is only 8M which is conservative.

Reminds me of this house:


Cool mate, but not really the same. In my design the occupant can park the car at "roof’ level and access the main living area and the lake shore via an elevator also being the fundamental vertical structural pylon pylon :wink:

This is a sketch concept of the basic superstructur of streesed concrete. I am sure it is over engineered and would need a pretty serious flexable joint. I must add that I usually do not support unsafe work practice ! :upside_down_face: :innocent:

My thought is that with a large enough budget, anything is possible, even if not practical. My concern is not with the structure, but flood plane, and where utilitys go. Given rural-ness of it, likley would not be on public, so that leaves a well and drainfield, or pumping uphill away from the river.

Also with al that steel in there, insulation is going to be a major challenge with thermal bridging in a cold environment.

I like the render, nicly done.