My 3d warehouse doesn't seem to be working in sketchup 2022

I am currently using skechup 2022 for my MAC and unfortunately I cannot access models from the 3d warehouse, when I search for items that I am sure are in the warehouse. Anyone know how to go about this?

Can you give more detail? What are you searching for and what results are you getting? Are you looking at the Products tab, or the Models tab?

This is what it shows, when i search for a car for example. I have good working internet but for some reason I can’t find any models. I am looking at the models tab, however it is the same for both products and models tabs

Same here. I have tried using VPN as well to see if my location issue, search for anything… nothing turn up.

That’s weird. @guz any thoughts on this?

What version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile indicates 2017 which isn’t supported by the Warehouse. If your profile is correct, your issue isn’t the same.

Previously using 2017, then now via web. I open the component and select sketchup warehouse.

Please update your forum profile so it is correct.

Did you try clearing browser caches?

Noted, will update the profile. Cleared Browser cache still nothing.

Changed VPN to US, it is now working.

Additional Info, I was accessing from Malaysia / Singapore, basically using South East Asia network.

Sadly still faced with the same issue

Where are you trying to access the Warehouse from?

Please update your forum profile. It’s very out of date.

Same here i using sketchup pro 2021 can’t download model from 3d warehouse

Hi everyone, there is a known issue affecting some APAC locations currently. We are looking into it and will update this post as we have more information: Service Alert: 3D Warehouse


Uganda. I have updated my forum profile

It is now working fine. Thanks for the help