Multiple Skb files

Not a massive problem but annoying.
I am getting lots of .skb files in each SU project folder i work in.

these just keep on going when I save, I understand the backup version but would have thought that the previous backup version would be overwritten each time ?

Like i say it’s not a big problem but as files get bigger it does take up space.

Any ideas ?

If you are working on a remote network-server or a USB-drive or memory-stick etc there can be timing issues - where the auto-save of the SKP file fails - leaving behind the temporary 0.skb etc, which is used in the swap over between the SKP and new SKB.
It’s best to work locally where possible and re-save the SKP to the remote storage when done…
What SKB/auto-save settings do you have setup in Preferences ?

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Very helpful.
This work was done from my Dropbox account, so that could explain it. dropbox is great because it lets me work on a project from wherever but guess it has its downside.

I have just disabled “create backup” in Preferences, still have the Autosave checked.

Thanks Again