Multiple selection in Outliner cannot be toggled using eye buttons

I am not sure if this belongs in this topic or Features Requests.

I just noticed that when in Outliner that shift select does not make the selected entries visible. They can be selected but one must make them visible individually …
Shift select functions in the Tag tray.
Is this by design or something that got overlooked?

Clear bug if you ask me.


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Oh, ouch. Bug.

Although it’s different behavior, I don’t think it’s any more wrong than what happens in tags. With tags if you click on one eyeball of a number of selected tags, it does set the other tags to be the same, but it also deselects the other tags.

There is no lock symbol to suggest that the visibilities are locked together, but if you are selecting a number of objects with the plan of making them all hide at once, you can right-click and choose Hide.

One thing that does seem incorrect is that right-click Hide on the outliner objects then deselects all of them, but right-click Unhide leaves them selected. Both should leave them all selected, as should clicking an eyeball in Tags.

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The behavior should be the same in both IMHO.

I wouldn’t mind that. I would vote for clicking eyeballs to not change the selection, one eyeball only toggle that one, and right-click lets you hide or unhide all of them. My argument for that is that you are likely to click away from the eyeball while you are selecting them, so you’re in the right place to right-click.

Something else that would be nice would be to have hide and unhide both available in the contextual menu. Maybe the menu would need to be smart enough to notice that currently all of the items are hidden, so gray out the Hide options, but it wouldn’t bother me if Hide was there and didn’t change anything, if that made it easier to do.

I would prefer to select multiple, and change them all with one click as well. I do that with Layers (Tags) all the time.

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To me that is also an obvious bug. Actions on selected elements should affect the full selection; that is really what having something selected means. If you want to toggle just one, you can easily deselect the rest.

I don’t see what a lock symbol has to do with anything. Lock symbols show that something is locked, not that a selection is a selection.

right-click on selection > Hide / Unhide

2 clicks (after selection)

and … if you use the H or U key after the right-click, then it’s 1 click :wink:

FYI… I have entered the issue in the development system


I don’t mean a padlock, more of a chain. Like in Photoshop and you want the width and height to resize proportionately, you click the chain icon to make them be locked together.

FYI, I had logged a request to add padlock buttons next to the eye buttons in the Outliner.

I think ratios are a quite different case. For width and height you have two fields that you sometimes want to control separately and sometimes together. For this case there is also a control for what entities you affect, and that control is the selection itself. I think adding an extra control controlling what other controls do just increases the complexity and requires micro management of the UI.

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