Multiple overlapping faces being created

For the last few iterations (~2020 to 2022) it seems like models of a certain complexity start creating multiple overlapping faces when the face is edited (i.e. bisecting the face with a new edge etc)

A few of my staff have this issue and we end up deleting a lot of extra faces… sometimes 3 or 4 layers of faces within the same perimeter.

Anyone else experiencing this?

I haven’t seen that in any off my models. Will something like CleanUp3 clean up these excess faces?

I haven’t used that, so I’m not sure. Unless it does it on the fly it probably wouldn’t be super helpful.
I find I have to delete multiple faces to paint the underlying face.

You can run it from a keyboard shortcut.

I suppose you won’t try it, though.

I’m happy to try it. There have been some really helpful workarounds on this forum.

I’ve had that issue but not so frequent, you can try solid inspector, cleanup3 or fix101 plug-ins to correct those errors faster.

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I have been having the same issue. Often hidden lines are created where the faces are split that do not erase with the face. The stray hidden faces are attractive to the inferencing which compounds the frustration.

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I’d be interested to see sample files where this is occurring.

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I’m afraid your description doesn’t make sence without an example.
My only experience with weird faces is: max three faces per perimeter before manipulating one vertex of that perimeter.


  • draw a flat shape to create a face
  • drag one vertex across any opposite edge to get three faces as you would expect.
  • all three faces seem to still be one. In fact the middle one doesn’t have a proper face but still lets you select all at once.

I’m curious what example you have and am with @Box, upload a model with the problem.

That looks to me like an example of the “bow tie” bug that has been in SketchUp since forever. I have no clue why it has not been fixed long ago or an explanation given of why it is unavoidable. If the OP shares a file, I know how to probe to verify it is this bug.

I will try to record a video showing the problem. It’s an issue with an existing face.

If I bisect the face with a new line, or if I draw along the same edge as the existing face, it creates multiple faces that are coplanar.

I’m going to try to clean up ext., as I have a hunch that it has to do with old, hidden geometry

This makes me wonder… Are you using tags correctly? That is, are you leaving all edges and faces untagged and only giving tags to objects in the model?

It is. The order of vertices is manipulated, making SketchUp wonder what to do with “breaking edges” at the intersections of crossing edges.

That would usually be the first thing I would look for, so I’m fairly sure the faces and edges are all tagged the same, and there are no ghost edges.

Here’s an example of multiple faces being created within an existing object. I ran the CleanUp extension, put all the edges and faces on the same layer, and still had the problem.

This is happening to me fairly often, in a few different models.

Sometimes there are 3 or 4 co planar faces created.

How about uploading the file for examination? Does the same happen when viewing in monochrome?

The effect I see in the video looks like it could be z-fighting. Is there another face close beneath the one you are splitting, e.g. the other side of a sheet of plywood?

BTW by ignoring our requests to upload a sample file, you are forcing us to guess. The odds are low that you will get a correct answer that way.

No there’s no second face behind.
The file is 35mb

The same object, when pasted into a new file, works fine…
So there’s something up with my file. I’ll see if I can trim the size down enough to upload it.