Multiple Component re-scaling

How to reflect rescaling of compornent to other copied compornent ?

  1. First, I made 1 compornent.
  2. and made 5 copy.
  3. and rescale first one.
  4. but it does not reflect the rescaling to other… Why ?

This is a simple example. I can rescale all manually.
but In complex case,
I need this function.
Is there any plugin to do it ?

( I do not want to push/pull surface … : ( I want to use rescalling )

Because you didn’t open the component for editing and scale the geometry. At this point you could right click on the one you modified and choose Scale Definition to correct the scaling for the definition.

You could also put all of the components into a parent component and make it dynamic so you can scale all the components at once.

:wink: haha, I could : )