Multilines on SU 2021 with MacBook Pro M1

At first, sorry for my english, i’ll try my best to explain my problem

So, i have the new macbook pro M1 and SU 2021.
Since few weeks, i have some troubles when i want to use the pencil.
Multiples lines come when i want to trace a line or just mesuring a line. Not always, but really often.
Have you ever had this problem?

I already uninstalled SU, but nothing working. And i’m not sure SU 2022 will change anything…

Do you have any ideas?

Try opening the Preferences>OpenGL window, unchecking the “Use Fast Feedback” box and restarting SketchUp.

Users of M1 Macs seem to agree that version 2022 ia faster for them as it has support for the M1 processor and doesn’t need the Rosetta emulator.

Ok thank you so much, it seems to work!!!

I will download SU 2022 to try :slight_smile:

Thank you again!!