Multi residential or mirrored duplex dwelling management in sketchup and layout

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I wondered if anyone could provide advice on the most efficient way to manage a duplex situation where you have identical interiors only mirror imaged? I attempted one over the weekend but all my Layout information went haywire! It took me ages to rectify. There must be a simpler way…
I am based in Adelaide (near the CBD) and would be keen to speak with anyone who could provide advice on this.

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So, what aspect of management are you asking about? What exactly went haywire? Can you include your Layout file so we can see how you have it all set up. Is it safe to assume you are only modeling one side of the Duplex and using a mirrored component to get the two sides done at once? If not, you should be.

As @endlessfix suggests a file is a big help in understanding your issues… I suspect it comes down to how well you break up your model into independent components.

Thank you for your help…
hen working on this duplex over the weekend I finished one dwelling completely (modelling and layout). I then saved the model as a new file (dwelling 2) I then flipped it in model. I had to re-set all my scenes. Then sent to new layout file. I then tried copying all my layout notes and this is what happened when I tried flipping them too. I also had to re-dimension the entire job which I think there is no way out of this??? To be honest, the dimensioning was not my issue. It was mainly having to deal with modifying all my detailing in the layout file. The photo shows an example of what I was contending with. I’m really just looking for guidance on how is the best way to manage a duplex or mutli-residence situation when they are the exact replica only mirror imaged. Would love to know the best method here as I have much doubt my technique as it was a lot of doubling up and unnecessary editing which was extremely time inefficient. I have done a beginners sketchup course and advanced layout but neither of these touch on this. Would really appreciate your input here.

It really would be better if you shared the layout file… the image shows the problem… but not how you arrived at it… Notation in LO is linked to the 3d model in the viewport and moving / flipping the viewport will result in what you show…

I am puzzled by your methodology… why did you create two SU models? the usual approach is to create a component of the first half of the duplex in SU, copy it, mirror it and position it next to the original component… then set up you scenes… and take all of that into LO and notate as needed…

I am in roughly the same timezone as you are down under so you can DM and we can connect via zoom if that helps

Gary I would love to take you up on this. Sorry for my ignorance but me and technology do not go well together. How do we go about it from here exactly?

I’ve got Teamviewer. Does that work for you?

yep fine… PS sent you a message

sorry Gary but I have just joined the forum and still navigating? Where do I see my messages?

with respect to your comments here, it now makes sense that I should have created a component for the first half. I understand that copying and mirroring the component would create a accurate replica but what happens with my scenes? Do I need to create scenes for each component/dwelling or will the scenes copy also??? How then does this streamline my notating in layout? From the picture I have included, oyu can see how much detail I have. Would this need to be repeated in layout then for each dwelling? Awww sorry if I’m not understanding…

Your Layout dimensioning and annotation is snapped onto the copy of your sketchup model that exists within the Layout file.

Changing the sketchup geometry will result in changes to dimensioning in Layout. To copy a geometry is not to change it, so your copy will be without annotations and dimensjons in Layout.

If you alter some geometry in sketchup the Layout file will update accordingly. If however you delete something and draw it again, then Layout does not understand that this is the same geometry, and the connection will be broken. So layout dimensioning and annotation is connected to the specified snap points that you selected.

Typically for me if the viewport “goes haywire” it´s because I have updated the sketchup scene with a different panning/ zooming of the scene, and then the Layout viewport (for no good reason) understands this as if you want to Pan the model inside the Layout viewport also. All the annotation then will maybe point to some place outside the viewport…You can adjust the borders of your viewport and find your dimensioning is still connected to the same snap-points. Moving the viewport on the page will maybe also position it back where the annotation was correctly placed.

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Hi Tania… it is difficult to give you specific advice without seeing the overall scope and organisation of your work… but in general approach I create as much of the model data in SU and keep LO data (mostly notation) to a minimum.

I have sent you contact details… you should receive an email… you can send a private message by selecting my icon (surfing samurai) and clicking on the message label.

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Thank you