Multi-page View for Layout Pro 2017?

Is there a way to view multiple layout pages at once on a single screen? I am trying to make multiple large presentation boards and would to coordinate them easier.


Yes. Just create a scene for each desired page and arrange the specific scenes where you want on the finished page in layout.

Hopefully the accompanying illustration offers a bit of clarity. Just imagine that each image had been developed as an individual page.

Sample.pdf (932.7 KB)

I think we are mis-understanding my problem. I know how to make multiple views on a single page but, while working in Layout 2017 I want to view each page of a multi-page presentation at the same time. So far, I can only view each page individually.

That’s all you get. There is no facility for viewing multiple pages at the same time.

Here’s something to try:

  1. Open your document
  2. In the “Window” menu, choose “New Window for ” - this will create a new tab in LayOut that displays the same document.
  3. Right-click on the new tab, and choose “New Vertical Tab Group” or “New Horizontal Tab Group” from the context menu. You will now have two windows into the same document, each of which can display one page.

One warning with this approach - LayOut doesn’t really handle this 100% correctly, so you will notice some graphical oddities. For example, if you select something in one window, you may see it selected in other windows as well.



@Marc you just made my day so much brighter! With a really big telly* I can see and reference two sheets at a time. Genius! #learnsomethingneweveryday

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