Multi-line Dimensioning in Sketchup

In Sketchup 2016, is there a way to make a multi-line dimension? For example if I wanted to dimension a LED sign cabinet as:

“4’-8” (line one)
28" Sunshine LEDs (line two)

in the same dimension but on two separate lines, how would I do that? Hitting “Enter” or “Tab” (which works in most softwares) does not in Sketchup.

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Yes. It can be done. Edit the dimension text and at the end of the first line type \n to indicate a carriage return.

A couple of additions to Dave’s post:

  • If you want the actual value on a different line, SketchUp replaces the magic string <> with the value.
  • On a Mac, \n doesn’t work in dimensions. Type ctrl-return instead to get a line break.

\n to indicate a carriage return? What is this, the Dark Ages? Next I’ll have to program my own custom hatch patterns in AutoCAD…

Seriously, though - thanks for the help. It was driving me crazy trying to figure it out, and I never would have hit upon that solution myself in a hundred years!