Moving two objects close together

Are there any tricks (or methods or tools) for moving to objects in a model so they are close together? I’m having lots of 3d trouble. (Sorry, I cannot post my model.) – Joel

There are no tricks. Just use the Move tool correctly. Grab the object you want to move by a point that has a destination in the model. If needed you might create a destination point for the object to snap the select point to. How close together do you want the objects?

I want them adjacent, touching each other. I move them so they look good, then check another angle and they are way off.

That’s different than just

Deleted because it was a waste of time.

You may want to find the relevant free tutorials here:

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I figured out how to get what I want. Lock one direction at a time (blue, red, green) and never try in between. Might be obvious but for me it’s a good trick.