Moving stuff in layout

Ok. How does one label an object, texture it,etc then, I decide - don’t like it there. So I want it to move to a different location. So I click and make that blue box appear, drag it to the new location. But all of the labels, hatching etc didn’t move. Sheesh!

How do I attach all of that stuff, so I don’t have to erase it and redo it in a new location?


Select them to move too.

Are you trying to texture objects in Layout or SketchUp?

Use a window crossing selection by putting the cursor where you want the bottom right of the select box, and dragging UP and to the LEFT. Everything that crosses this select box will be in the selection set.

You can’t. I tried to texture a model, like with sketchy in SU, but when I switch to a different style, like wire frame - it all goes away. I haven’t figured out how to make a line drawing with no background and still have texture - maybe I am wrong, but it seems like an all or nothing proposition…

I’ll try to select trick.


You can ‘edit’ your style.

Only Edges
Texture ON
White background, No Sky and Ground