In Layout is there a way to move an object without having to select it?

I want to be able to move my numbered circles around quicker by just hovering over the number and moving it, but I have to select the number first. I watched two tutorials that said just hover over the object and the move symbol will appear but that’s not happening with mine. Any help is appreciated!

Second related issue: in the said numbered circles, I would love to be able to just double click them and change the number but I have to double click into the object and then double click the number. When I’m changing a whole set of numbers its pretty time consuming. I know I can have numbers without circles work like that but I’m wondering if there’s a way I can have numbers with circles act like that. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

What tutorial did you watch? You can select an object with the Move tool in SketchUp but that same feature isn’t available in LayOut.

No. There isn’t anyway to do that. The circle with the text must be a group in order for the two to stay associated. You have to first open the group for editing and then open the text box for editing. You can right click on the group and choose Edit Group instead of double clicking on it or select it and use a keyboard shortcut for Edit Group.

Hi DaveR, thank you for the quick response!

I watched this video, Layout for SketchUp - Moving Objects - YouTube
and at 0:45 he says "hold down the left mouse button over an object

and I read this Sketchup article that says, “Hover the Select tool cursor over your element until you see the Move cursor.”

So, there isn’t a “move” tool in Layout?

Understood about the numbered circles. Appreciate the info!

Holding down the left mouse button selects the object and if you drag the cursor you move the object you’ve selected.

There is no discrete Move tool in LayOut. It’s just an automatic function of the Select tool.

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