Moving Sketchup to a new PC

I have bought a faster PC for Sketchup work and have transferred my original install program to the new machine.
That worked fine but when I tried to add the extra features like inspection and Xray view I was told they where no longer available on my version.
Can I buy the addons? I am using Sketchup Make. Thanks, Bruce

You probably have a 64 bit machine, now?
Better download the installer for SketchUp Make 2017 and install that (rightclick on the installer file and choose ‘Run as Admin’

Thanks for replying. I did install the 64bit 2017 version. Should I do it again but as admin?

That won’t hurt. What about the extension?

Solid inspector?
X-Ray is a View setting which you could assign a shortcut.

I need Solid Inspector and X-Ray

Then download Solid Inspector2 (note the 2) from Extension Warehouse and install it.

X-ray is selectable from the View menu as View/Face style/X-ray (as @MikeWayzovski already said)

and you can go to menu Window/Preferences/Shortcuts to assign your choice of shortcut to it.

I use x but you can choose what you want, if it isn’t already in use for another shortcut.

Thanks for that. I will try that. Cheers

I have downloaded Solid Inspector2 but I can’t see how to install it into Sketchup.

Sorry, I worked it out. All installed and thanks for your help, Bruce

I have got the inspector program installed and working but I’ve just found out I can’t export STL files.
I’ve tried to find a solution but have failed.
I’m using using Sketchup 2017.

You need to install the stl exporter.

Please update your forum profile. It says you are using SU2016.

That worked fine. Thank you. Bruce

Thanks for reminding me. I believe it’s up to date now. Cheers.

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