Moving objects from scene to scene

Any suggestions on how to move objects around when creating scenes and have the object stay in the previous scene. Think stop motion video. I am working on a plan to move a tank into a building and there are several steps and movements involved. Any feedback is welcomed

Make the objects groups or components. Make multiple copies of them and place them as needed for each scene. Put each copy on a different layer so you can turn one layer on and the others off for each scene.

Better, think old fashioned animation with cels. Each scene represents a different cel. Each cel has a copy of the object with each one in a different location.

this is something I did a long time ago. There are 18 scenes so 18 copies of the needle, thread take-up lever, feed dog, fabric, etc. with each copy in a different position.

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Thanks, it is odd because the thumbnails in the tray for the scenes show the different scenes that i created and the correct positions of the objects but as you progress through them on the workspace the objects are in the last scene position. i will get to layering up.

Yes. The thumbnails are just screen shots taken at the moment of scene creation. They won’t get changed unless you update the scene.

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cool video

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