Moving a group leaves behind tags that are turned off

I just learned how to use tags and was very happy with the feature. But then I moved a group which contained some tags which were turned off, and the turned-off tags were left behind. This is very counter-intuitive, it seems to me that the default should be for ALL tags to come along, with possibly a special procedure when leaving turned-off tags behind is desired. There is no way I will be able to remember to check tags before every move, and the result will be chaos. Any idiot-proof way to fix this?


This makes it sound as if you don’t have a complete grasp of tags and groups in SketchUp. A group can only have one tag assigned to it so you can’t have a “group which contained some tags” The group’s location in the model space has no impact on the tag and tags cannot get “left behind.”

Maybe you could share the model so we can see what you really have going on.

Or maybe you didn’t. It sounds like you are expecting tags to keep collections of geometry together. That is not at all what they do.

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Dave R: To be more precise, I had a larger group which contained a smaller group that was tagged. This tagged smaller group was turned off by clicking on it’s eyeball icon. Then I used the Move tool to move the larger group to a new location. All appeared well until I turned the smaller group tag on again by clicking on it’s eyeball icon, and the smaller tagged group re-appeared in the former location. So it appears to me that every time before moving any group, one must be sure that all tags are turned on. The same thing happens with any object that is hidden.


You need to attach your model so we can show you were you are going wrong.

Clearly you haven’t got something right. If the larger group contained the smaller group and you moved the larger one, the smaller one would go with it because it’s inside the larger group. The tags have nothing to do with it and it doesn’t matter if the tag for the smaller group is not visible.

If you move a box of donuts the donuts inside will go with it even if you can’t see them.

Would they be schrodinger’s donuts?

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You’d have to open the box to see but then they wouldn’t be.

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My guess is that the smaller group was placed at a location inside the bounds of the larger one but not actually nested within its contents. Groups can overlap in SketchUp without interacting.

Probably the best guess so far.

The post by slbaumgartner is correct and led me to better understand exactly what happened.

To be as specific as I can: I created a large complicated object, un-grouped. I selected a small portion of that object, grouped it, tagged it, and turned the tag off. Later I encompassed the entire large object in a selection rectangle and moved it to a new location. The large object is big and complicated enough, and the tagged group small enough, that it was not immediately apparent that the small group did not come along. Then I turned on the tag for the small group and it appeared in the old location.

If I make the larger object a group, and nest the smaller group within, the problem is solved.


This would have been sorted 10 hours ago if we could have seen your file when we asked for it.

At least it’s sorted out now.

You should make sure you don’t have loose geometry mixed with groups inside of groups.

Good advice, thanks.

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