Moved part of complex model, shifted another part of model can't fix it

I accidentally shifted something in the model I think when moving another part. I now have these strange rays that show up. Even when I delete everything in that area and redraw it they show up. How do I fix it?

If you erase it whenever you do something else it comes back. Please help! Thanks

Start by turning on Hidden Lines. If you see some dotted lines, you know you have some rogue geometry.

How much of that drawing is grouped? If nothing, then everything is interconnected and the problem you have happens easily (and often without you noticing).

If you have saved the model, you can always go back in the history:

Hit the hamburger menu in the upper left
Choose the correct file
Select the hamburger dots and choose ‘History’

The Revision History (basically all autosaves) will pop up on the right

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