Move tool /copy click and release

Yes, thanks! In the video tutorial, they show the original pillar not pressed up to the roof yet, they show it on the ground and when you copy it you have to line them up together. Let me try it this way and see.


I expect they are trying to teach you about inference locking. Either press and release the left cursor key or hold Shift once you start moving the selection in the red direction. Then click on the corresponding corner at the other side of the roof structure. Use the left cursor key or the Shift key for the green direction.

Ok, I am trying to stick the pillar to the roof. For some reason, still doesnt line up. I attached a revised copy. I dont see the green lines and endpoints. How did you line up the 1st pillar? This is not working for me I cant understand. I attached 2 different views.

8-Components 2-Pillars1.skp (332.1 KB)
8-Components 2-Pillars1.skp (335.2 KB)

Pay attention to how both Box and I moved the selections. We grabbed them by a corner that has a relative location at the destination. It’s evident from your model that you aren’t doing that.

OK, let me try that. Do I know when they are lined by an specific axis or endpoint?

What the animations. You can see when they line up by the inference marks and onscreen message.

See attached… looks like I got the front set to line up… but not the back. I think I am going to give up at this point.

8-Components 2-Pillars1.skp (343.4 KB)

Well, then maybe this is a waste of time but since I did it…

You still don’t seem to be grabbing the pillar at the correct location when you move the copy. See how it isn’t lined up?

Then the ones you made after that aren’t lined up either. Again because you aren’t grabbing them by a corner.

The first copy can be fixed…

And then the two of them selected and copied to the next position. Watch closely to see how I grabbed the selection at a corner that has somewhere to go.

Not a waste of time, this is very helpful. When I move my copies with the move tool, it is moving all over the place. Perhaps my mouse is the problem. I am going to put this to bed tonight and look at your videos tomorrow. Thanks for your help.

Hi, I think I got it correctly. I looked for where the “endpoint” meet. Does this look correct?

8-Components 2-Pillars1.skp (349.5 KB)

Yes! That looks perfect. Good work.

One thing you might consider doing is editing the style to set Profiles to 1. This can make it easier to see when things are close but not quite there. Here is your model with Profiles set to 1. Notice the seam line between the pillar and roof looks thin like the rest of the edges.

Here I’ve moved the pillar down just a tiny bit. You can see the seam line appears heavier because there are now two edges side by side.

That may be part of the problem. They looked lined up though right? Where do I change profiles ?

Also, I looked at the video again. I am supposed to line them up first… then use push/pull to attach to the roof. I am going to try it that way too.

With the profiles set heavy as they are you would need to zoom in closer to see the gaps. You can edit the style by clicking on the Edit tab in the Styles panel and then changing the Profiles from 2 to 1. After that, update the style by clicking on the large thumbnail at the top left.
Screenshot - 7_13_2020 , 1_06_17 PM

That’s good. So then it’ll be like I showed initially making sure you move on axis.

Ok I changed it. See the problem is moving it over and lining up without or before attaching it to the roof. It’s harder. I am grabbing it on the endpoint when I copy but when I slide over, I dont see the vertical dotted line to line it up like in the video. Can you show me that…lining up without attaching it?

Make sure you are locking the move direction before you put the cursor on the destination point.

I tried to do the move slowly. Notices the red dotted line changes to a heavy one. That’s the point I hit the right arrow key to lock the direction.

Yes I see it change to a heavier red line but I dont see what you are doing to make it change. On mine, I see the red line but its not getting darker

As I wrote:

Ok thanks for your help. I will play with this a while. Its not easy thing to do… for a beginner.

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It will get easier.