Move Tool and sizing issue

Totally new to ScetchUp. I am following the video tutorial and I am trying to use the move tool to create a roof. But, it is not working. it will move the line I created on the X and Z axis but not the Y axis. I drew the line, highlighted the line, put the move tool on the end point, and nothing. Also, I have found that after I create a shape and save it I cannot come back to it later and easily change the size of that shape in the dimensions box. When I click on a surface it does not give me the dimensions of that surface. If I use the selection tool to highlight, then use the move tool I get the dimension box but the numbers I input are starting from zero, not from the original size. I can easily change these in other software such as autocad. Can I do this in this software?

Thank you for your help.


How about sharing the SketchUp file (.skp) of what you’ve got so far so we can help you figure out what’s happening?

No. You can’t change the dimension of something just by select it and entering a new size in the Measurements box. It’s not intended to work that way. Still, you can easily resize entities but exactly how you go about it varies depending upon what it is.

If you are using the Move tool, the expected input is the distance between starting and ending points.

Thanks Dave. Here it is.test model.skp (49.3 KB)

For some objects, IF the original parameters were saved along with the object.

Try using the SketchUp Team’s “3D Shapes” extension. It uses parametric input boxes.

Well you do need to click the left mouse button.
If you do not select the edge first, then click an endpoint of the edge, the MoveTool will only move that vertex (whilst rubber-banding the edge.)

Boomark the User Guide:

You should most definitely read through the first chapter.

The problem you are having raising the ridge of the roof is due to the wings. If you invoke Autofold by holding Alt with the Move tool, you can raise the ridge but it creates valleys where you probably don’t want them.

What do you want to happen on those wings? Do you want them to remain flat on top?

Interesting. I tried that at first but it didn’t work. Now, of course, it does. I’m finding that I need to know exactly what I want from my drawing right from the start because I don’t get any do overs later. Thank you for your help.

Actually you can get do overs but it’s a whole lot easier if you know where you’re going from the beginning.

Also note that the Blue Z axis is usually the UP direction.
You have Green Y as UP, but you have also changed the axes, so if you Reset the Axes [context-menu] at least then Blue Z is UP…

As Dave said you can’t lift up the ridge and expect the roof to magically form - there are other bits stuck onto its perimeter.

Why not draw a rectangle with a central division off to one side and make a group [or component] of it.
That way it will not ‘stick’ to other geometry.
Move it over the top of the building as desired.
Perhaps resize it as needed if it wasn’t drawn with the right dimensions etc…
As the screenshot shows the ridge is asymmetrical - is that expected ?
Where are the ‘eaves gutters’ meant to be etc ?

Then use Move to lift up the ridge line to form the roof slopes.
You can always explode it afterwards and over-drawn parts to fill in any missing faces etc…

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