Move pin axis to hole axis


Is there a way to move a pin to a hole so that the axes are aligned? For instance, I have a pin component and a through hole in a solid cylinder. I want to place the pin such that its axis is colinear with the hole axis.


If it’s round you can snap to the center (after hovering the edge). You can also move in two steps and use the shift modifier key to constrain the move tool along an edge (or use arrow key to lock in a coordinate axis). Make sure the two objects are drawn as groups or components to prevent them from sticking together.


It’s a bit more complicated than that. I have a through hole in a pipe, and I need to insert a hitch pin into the hole.


You can do the same thing Julia showed in 3D. Or better, place the pin’s origin such that you can drop it in the hole when you drag the component into the model from the Components window.

If you upload the SKP file, I’ll show you how to do that.

You should correct the face orientation in your components. They are all reversed.


As mentioned by @eneroth3 and @DaveR.
Sometimes it may help to switch face styles to X-Ray.


Driver hitch pin.skp (697.2 KB)
Attached is the SKP file.


See screen shot:

Create a guide point in the top circle of the pin (it’s still a circle, so right click on it > Find Center.
Also create a reference edge across the top of the hole. The perpendicular pink edge isn’t necessary but marks the midpoint where the pin needs to go. (turn on ‘Hidden Geometry’ to create the prefered pink “midd” edge).


In this specific case, as you have drawn the pin the same size as the hole, you can grab it by an endpoint and snap it to a corresponding one in the hole. Then slide it into place,


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