Relocating a screw hole

I am making 3D printed holders for pill containers, to store small parts. I designed one for small diameter containers, and now I’m using that example to create one for larger diameters.

The centered screw hole in the small container holder is off-center in the larger holder. I can easily redraw it but is there a way to move the countersunk hole to a new position?

large pill bottle holder 1.skp (85.4 KB)

Open the component for editing, drag a left to right slection box around the hole and then use the Move tool to move it as needed.

Is there a reason that part of the hole is a component? As it is, it means your pill bottle holder component isn’t a solid.

I don’t know how I made part of the hole a component. I wanted the entire hole as a component.

I imagine I’ll string a bunch of these together to make a shelf. If I had to modify the screw hole I wanted the benefits of it being a component. Now to fix it.

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Could have sworn I tried that process before and it didn’t work but now it does. Hard to learn from your past mistakes if you can’t remember what you did.

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In the model you uploaded the beveled countersink and the hole wall is in the component but there’s holes in the faces where that component resides. Exploding the component, though, should result in a solid component.

Thanks Dave.

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