Move objects in a group

I don’t know how to describe it. My English is very poor so I have to use google translate. My job sometimes has to change the drawing as shown in the video. For large volumes I need something automatic to save time. I think ruby ​​can do it, but I’m not good at ruby. So I really need everyone’s help to get me the command line to do it.

What would the rules be for automation ?

Thank you for your interest. My job is to draw designs and create cnc files for the machining workshops. But each workshop has 1 type of link (as shown in the picture) of different short length. In the video the red circle is a group with its own layer. I want to move the length of the link screw accordingly. Small quantity is okay. But in large numbers, it is difficult to move by hand. I really need a tool or a script to do that automatically. can you help me

I would think that a Dynamic Component (with link length choices) may be a better solution.

There is a forum category to discuss dynamic components:

Thank you but I don’t want to use Dynamic Component in this case for a lot of reasons