Move multiple components/groups to Z=0?

How to bring multiple components/groups to Z=0?

I’ve imported a large amount of BAG buildings into my model, but since i use a flat surface, many buildings float or are burried partially, as you can see below)

To manually bring each of the 2459 items to Z=0 will be a p.i.t.a. (not the pita bread).

Tried to find a suitable extention, but could not find any (may have searched incorrect discription?)

Does anyone know if there is an extention that could do this for me? :pray:

I’ve used that one in the past.

it drops the groups so that the lowest point hits the face below. if your buildings are all flat bottomed, then they should lie flat.

you’ll need to draw a big temporary flat face for the groups to drop to, select the groups, and drop.

Unfortunately they are not flat bottomed out as you can see below:

Some float, some are partly burried and others are at Z=0 level, so its a mixture.

Else i could’ve just selected and moved everything and would not have posted this request :wink:

I feel we don’t have the same meaning for “flat bottomed”

What I mean by that is that each group / building has a flat surface at the bottom.
not that they are all on the same level. I don’t care what their current Z is, the extension is precisely here to deal with that

take them all, move them up so they all fly, and using the extension I mentioned, drop them all on the big photo you have on the ground.

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here, a quick demo

a non flat bottom would be stuff like this :

Capture d’écran 2023-10-26 à 13.43.34
now the extension has trouble working with such volumes. I guess it’s not working with the bounding box but geometry inside ?

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My mistake, got lost in my own translation ^^

Installed it, but so far no luck.
Experimenting as i write …

Unfortunately it does not seem to work with this model.

the price we all pay for dealing in multiples languages. that we gladly pay I’d say :wink:

Besides, I just realised, looking at the video, that it’s not the one I usually use.

works the same way, don’t even need the flat face on the ground or to move them up, it’ll take all geometry and put it to z=0
if it’s raw geometry, it’ll make it flat. if it’s groups, it’ll make them stand on the ground.
it will take the origin inside the groups / components and bring that to z=0, to be precise
so long as the origin point of each group is at the actual bottom of each component, you should be fine.

maybe treat it areas by areas too, 2000+ groups at once might be a mouthful.

Nope, no luck either.
Guess i have to manually edit each building sigh .
How do they call it, monk work?
Anywhoe, thanks for the effort :slight_smile:

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are you 100% sure your “ground” is actually 100% flat ? I mean, that would be quite funny if since 30 min you were trying to make the building all level when the actual ground you’re refering to is itself slightly ajar :smiley:

well, if it’s for context only, meaning you don’t NEED all buildings to be perfectly accurate, as long as they don’t fly above ground, I would eyeball it. Sure, the building is 30cm below ground, but on a 4-5 level approximation, is it really bad ?

this is the belly of a file I worked last year, all the buildings were here for context (count the levels, 3m each, adjust according to what you saw on site). making them too tall then pushing them into the ground actually allowed me to be more precise, despite the slopes. Same for the wall, I don’t care weather it’s 1m20 or 1m60 tall, it’s 10m tall and I just move it up and down as needed :slight_smile:

I’m using the GEO location Snapshot, which should be Z=0 and flat.
Also tried to use the Location Terrain, but it does not match with them BAG buildings either.

hmmm looking at the first image, I notice you have a giant group containing all the buildings in sub groups.

I wonder if that could be a problem, isn’t the extension trying to drop the massive group and not the buildings individually ?
(yeah, I would probably explode the massive group and try only with the individual buildings)

the plot thickens.

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i’ve tried to many ways to get this ■■■■ done ^^ so far no succes.
so monking my work atm

hmmm, care if I take a look at the file ? now I’m more curious as to why it doesn’t work :slight_smile:

Would/could you upload your file here so we could have a try ?

Project file is 60 MB, just the surrounding buildings file is 15 MB, not a dropbox user.
hmm how to … :thinking:

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just the problematic part, the surrounding buildings, will do.

What is different about your model or you do differently?

Drop GC should work - I’ve used that for hundreds of groups/components.

If there is a flat plane on 0 , then they will all that on that .

Duh, forgot about wetransfer ^^

anywhoe: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

how i got this file:

  1. downloaded 4 OBJ tiles from BAG.
  2. imported all into this OMGEVING file.
  3. Once imported into the project file, i exploded the 4 tiles within the ‘omgeving’ gomponent for further edititing (remove some, edit some, add some, many some’s)

Somehow Drop GC does not work with these files, or at least i can not get it working.
had better results with flatten to plane by eneroth, but many blocks get moved to far or not far enough somehow. but it wil save some time moving them, but takes some time checking if everything was moved correctly.

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