Move an object 1/16" leaves a gap or an overlap

Admittedly new here and trying to close a gap between a furniture leg and a skirt board. I’m not sure how I introduced the gap and both pieces look vertical/square. The skirt is the exact length i need. The overall measurement of the left to right is also precise.
I can move the leg towards the stretcher 1/16" and the stretcher then overlaps into the leg. I tried 1/32 but that didn’t work. I’m sure it’s trivial but I’m not sure how to close this up. Very zoomed in screen shot attached.
Thanks for your insight.

Go into Window>Model Info>Units and turn OFF Length Snapping. Also increase the Display Precision. For what you are modeling here, use 1/64th in. for Display Precision. When moving something like the apron up to the leg, grab the apron by a corner that has a destination like the corner of the leg. Better, model the apron in place against the leg.

Thank you for those tips. I created the legs for one side and then copied/moved them to the other. I’ve learned a few things as your last tip of modeling in place. I’ve started over a few times! Thank you for helping on my first project.

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Just a note on your process. If the legs are essentially identical, mirror images of each other, model one leg (I would start with the front left), make that a component, then use Move/Copy to copy it to the back left position, flip the copy to create the mirrored version. Draw the side apron in place between the legs. If you’ve placed the legs in the right locations you only need to make the apron fit between the legs.After the side apron is modeled and made a component, use Move/Copy to make the right end copies making sure to flip them as well. Then draw the front apron between the front legs, copy the component to the back between the back legs and flip it to make a mirrored copy of the front.

I generally wait until the parts are modeled and in place to add joinery details if they are needed.

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