Mouse scroll wheel zoom not functional when pressing shift



Hello, I have a Logitech G700s wireless mouse and a 2016 MacBook Pro and have an issue in both Sketchup and Layout where my mouse wheel does not zoom when I press shift. When orbiting, the tool correctly changes to Pan when I press shift, but Zooming does not work. When drawing, the draw function continues but zooming is inhibited. When making a selection and pressing shift, the plus/minus appears at the cursor and panning is functional when pressing middle mouse button but zooming does not work. Inference engine seems to work as expected but keeping the intended inference (by pressing shift) is difficult as I would expect to be able to zoom after acquiring the intended inference. This makes just about everything much more difficult from making a selection set to drawing a line around a corner. If I try to zoom while using the trackpad and pressing shift, zooming does work. I have updated to the latest service release but this did not seem to fix the problem. Has anyone else encountered this?


I have a mid-2012 MBP Retina and a different mouse, but I can duplicate all that you say. I think it may be due to how OS X handles the scroll wheel, as I notice that pressing shift also suppresses scroll in other apps. If so, there’s nothing SU can do about it. Maybe there’s a system preferences setting that affects this, but I haven’t found it yet.


As far as I know, Mac has always worked like this. I don’t remember using a mouse on the mac that I could zoom while pressing Shift… In general, though, I tend to use the arrow keys more often than the Shift key while drawing.


It’s very irritating though, when you zoom in to pick a point, then set an inference and try to hold it with shift (a parallel or perpendicular or on face, for example) - you can’t then zoom out again without losing the inference.

I don’t know of a workaround - I don’t think it happens on Windows, though I haven’t used SU on Windows for over a year.


@slbaumgartner and @TheOnlyAaron thank you for your info, looks like I will need to get more in the habit of using the arrow keys. @john_mcclenahan I agree it is irritating, especially when trying to inference and pick new points as you mention. The arrow keys can be used to (sometimes) lock an inference such as parallel or perpendicular by pressing the down arrow when the desired inference turns magenta but this does not seem to work all the time such as when attempting to draw perpendicular to an off axis face: pressing the down arrow gives the wrong inference after initially acquiring the correct one. However, pressing shift does maintain the perpedicular to face inference, but no zoom. The other magenta inferences seem to work fine using this method.


Thanks for reminding me about the (relative new - in SU 2016 or even 2017?) down arrow inference lock - I’d forgotten it. It used to do the same as the up arrow - lock to blue (Z) axis.