Zooming not possible with scroll wheel while pressing shift key

I bought the Logitech mouse MX Master for the iMac and realized that you can not zoom with the scroll wheel while pressing the shift key. With the mighty mouse this works fine. Does anyone else have this problem? Logitech says they do not offer sketchup support.

Why do you want to press shift when you Zoom?

Sounds strange. I can scroll while holding Shift.

Maybe your mouse is using some special crapware/drivers that prevents it from working as a mouse should. In my experience that is quite common with Logitech mouses. If I remember correctly I had a Logitech mouse some years ago that didn’t allow me to orbit in SketchUp, as the developers of its software had deiced middle mouse button wasn’t used for anything already, and added their own stupid functionality to it.

For example, if I want to move an object on the X-axis and attach it to a certain point. Then I have to zoom while moving. With apples mighty mouse this is no problem.

Which mouse do you use?

Tap the relevant arrow key to lock to axis.

Great, I have never used these buttons. But if I want to copy additionally with the alt key it will be difficult.

Just to be clear, if you click and release on a suitable point of the object you wish to move it will become attached to the cursor so you can orbit, zoom, pan etc and while doing that a Tap, not a hold, of an arrow will lock it to plane. You can still tap alt or any other key you want.
Then click and release to place it where you want.

Indeed. That’s how I’ll do it from now on. Thank you very much.