Most important Layout improvements wishlist

Please keep improving Layout. Latest updates are welocme addition. However for us the current speed of Layout is the most frustrating. So I hope you can focus in next updates on improving (in order of importance):

  1. Layout viewports to update faster (see this post: Suggestion for 2020.2 new linetype feature improvements) how much time is wasted waiting for vieports to reload.
  2. Improve DWG/DXF - export also model tags not only Layout layers)
  3. Support for proper vector hatches (instead of only bitmapped ones)

Most of those have been written elsewhere already. I just wanted to make sure that it’s stressed out properly how important those features are for our future use of Sketchup & Layout.


Agreed on all. I have found LO to be very slow in general especially zooming. Very much hoping for improvements.

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