More Gluing Misbehavior

I’m having more problems with gluing. Below is a gif showing that the face is cut out larger then the bounding box of the component. Any ideas what might be causing this bug? Here is the model. You may also want to see this related topic.

Looks to happen when your cutout is crossing the boundary of the face it’s attached to.

The component is overlapping two faces - while a cutout component can only cut a single face.

The triangle glitch is still odd - but I guess it relates to the computation getting confused when the cutout is crossing the bounds.

I glue components a lot where the component is protruding off the edge of the face. See my Face Cutter extension. But I very seldom run into this type of problem.

Maybe this gif will reveal some clues???

Yea, I have seen something similar. Though I think it was related to faces there the vertices where not 100% planar. There was some minior deviance that stemmed from an DWG import. It could be something similar that trigger this.
Guessing though.

No I don’t think that’s it.

I wonder if it has something to do with the edges being reversed? I’ve noticed other odd behavior as a result of edges somehow being reversed. It seems like the component doesn’t necessarily need to extend beyond the edge of the face, only to the edge.

I love tracing down bugs, but this one has me baffled. I’m not able to reproduce the bad faces unless I copy them. If I create new faces with the line tool or rectangle tool they work fine. It seems the only time I end up with misbehaving geometry is when it is created using the Ruby API. Again see the link above.

Here is a model that shows two ‘bad’ faces, and one that is no problem.

Hmmm… Any more ideas appreciated.


I finally have some reproduction steps:

  1. Run this code in the console: Error Reproduction Code.rb (2.0 KB)
    a. You might want to set the materials to something that you have in your model, or all faces will be white.

  2. Notice the overlapping faces

  3. Select the only edge that is not hidden, and move it up on the blue axis 12"

  4. Notice the odd missing triangle.

@thomthom Filed Bug SU-0085

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