Modifying Google Earth Terrain when Geo-Locating

I’m sure this topic has been covered but I couldn’t find it via the search button, so sorry if this is old news.

I have a model of an existing building and I geo-located it to it’s current location. As it is a multi-bay garage, and all garage bays are on the same elevation with no grade changes to the paved area outside, I need the terrain to match. But unfortunately the geo-located terrain differs a bit from what I need.

So the question is this, can I modify the geo-located terrain? I know how to modify self-created mesh, but I can’t seem to modify this layer created by Sketchup. Or is my best option to just create my own mesh and forget about the terrain layer?

Also, can you keep the terrain of the geo-located terrain but lose the imagery? I will want to create my own landscaping and paving etc.


If you got the terrain through the Location interface, it isn’t from Google Earth. Still, you can unlock it and modify the terrain geometry as needed. You can also repaint the surface after it is unlocked. Right click on the terrain and choose Unlock.

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Excellent, thank you Dave! A simple solution that I doubt I would’ve stumbled upon.


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