Geo location modification


hi there
I’m working on a project doing river bank stabilization , and combining this w recreational use . i have geo located , and the GE terrain is non accurate to nonexistent,i would like to keep the photo image, but want to dissect it and move various parts around, i have tried to explode , unlock , make component, nothing will allow me to.


Do you want to move existing vertices or do you want to modify the mesh more extensively?


or, do you want to use the ‘image’ as a texture on a new mesh?


hi guys ,
i am basically creating an amphitheater-like situation,so stepped/terraced down to the river,and could use any texture for the terracing… i want to move the river down and use the GE image,at this point i do not have experience w mesh, just thought that maybe i could cut out sections of the GE image and move it around,open to suggestions…this is just the general idea of the design phase.


what is the exact location so others can see what you’ve got to work with…