MODIFY it in SKP || UPDATE it in AutoCAD

I don’t live in the US, but in my country (In the Caribbean), we should send our construction drawings to one of the Government departments, so they can check with their engineers if the building follow the construction rules (structure design, number of floors, number of rooms…etc).

The problem is that we should send them all the construction drawings (Almost 100) in an AutoCad file 2010 in a DVD.

(1)— If I have my design made in Sketchup (10 floors apartment), how can I link my model to AutoCad? In a way that if I modify it in Sketchup, I can update it in AutoCad. Like LayOut.

I need a workflow that includes AutoCAD.
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There is no live link, but both SketchUp Pro and LayOut can export files as DWG files. If the recipients require the DWG:s to follow some standard, you will probably have to sift through the export yourself in AutoCad to put everything in its proper place (layer, colour, linetype etc.)


Hello @sarraff_k,
I would be reluctant to transmit original dwg files to a reviewing agency, because there is NEVER a need for such agencies to assume responsibility for design modification or clarification. Typically reviewing authorities can be satisfied with electronically transmitted files in pdf form. Many jurisdictions in the U.S, actually require this now. Although I am unfamiliar with how code reviews are conducted in the D.R., I am aware that pdf documents are accepted for design review in some Caribbean locales.

It certainly will be more convenient for you to provide a DVD containing pdf output, so it may be worth the effort to communicate directly with your building department and request this as a responsive method for submitting construction documents.

Hi @jvleearchitects, thanks for the reply.

I agree with you. I should provide a DVD containing PDF output.
But also, an AutoCAD file with all the drawings is required. That’s my problem with Sketchup.

I would like to know, how is your workflow?
Maybe it could help me a little bit.

Thanks again.

Not so sure that it will help much, but now I use only SketchUp for design and condoc work. Years ago, I switched to SU/Layout from Acad. Now all of my permit drawings are submitted as pdf files only. Clients and reviewing agencies do not receive work products in the original, editable format, unless specifically requested otherwise. My workflow develops SketchUp files that are processed in Layout and converted to pdf format for final presentation.

I find this is preferable to the traditional CAD output as the submitted files are not easily altered and I can present documents that represent materials and textures with relative accuracy.

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