AutoCAD and Sketchup = Construction Drawings

I too busy to change my whole system to explore Sketchup Layout for CDs so, I came up with my own version: AutoCAD and SKP for CDs. I already had the 3D model that I created for my schematic design work, and my client wanted to keep seeing the project in 3D, so I had to keep working in SKP while preparing CDs. So, I decided to explore using the SKP for my elevations. I exported the elevations in SKP as images and then imported in CAD, and it worked great, heres the final result:


I am currently working on a similar concept except that I am looking at doing details in AutoCad and 3D work in SketchUp and integrating everything in Layout. I at this point feel using Layout for final CD’s might offer better final product, but hear issues of others doing the same. I have yet to get a full set together to see what pitfalls are ahead. Would love to do everything in SketchUp/Layout but still fallback to the precision of AutoCad, habits of 42 years of AutoCad mentality. Please follow up on what your attempting with a full set of documents, especially consultant interaction and offer a critique the process.


Nice drawing. I’m in similar situation for work flow, except I use PowerCADD not AutoCad. Over the course of several years, SketchUp has gone from being mostly a Schematic Design tool, to a Design Development tool, and now starting to be more and more a part of Construction Documents. I still start a lot of plans and sections in PC and then eventually everything comes back there from SU for CD’s.

Awesome drawing. Always interested in seeing how folks are using SU and LO to create working drawings. Thanks for sharing…Mick C

Hi Rowaz & all,

This is a really interesting topic that I also fall within being an architectural CADDER in the UK. I can’t quite escape CAD per-se, as really quick for drawing up 2D plans from a site building survey & then developing the proposed plans, the same with new build housing.

I use SU-PRO & LAYOUT to compliment my CAD plans on some projects, not all, as have been able to make my text style & drawing sheets looks the same in both CAD & SU. SU-LAYOUT I find really easy to use & good for mutiple drawing sheet sets as one can just change drawing numbers & titles from the original sheet. The only downside with SU-LAYOUT, is that unlike my CAD software, I don’t think you can use different size drawing sheets in the same LAYOUT session for follow-on multiple drawings/sheets, all the sheets have to be the same size. But I guess you can start new LAYOUT sessions for the same project. Not ideal & something I’d like to see SU-LAYOUT improve in the future.

My CAD software is currently DATACAD & SPIRIT, my YOUTUBE may assist anyone in the SU-MARKET or just general CAD. See link below:-

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