Modify a component or redraw

In this case, I have drawn something that works functionally but I would like to make a few tweaks. I could redraw it but wonder how easy it would be to modify the existing component.
My skp file shows my object where I made two components and merged them together into a new component. In this case I’d like to modify the one component that looks like half a donut. Keeping it centered as it is, I’d like to make the major radius 9mm, the minor radius, 3mm, and the thickness of the donut to be 4.5mm, and lastly I’d like to make a more rounded profile.
button controller foot cushion.skp (488.9 KB)

The three images show what I’m trying to end up with.

And I think I’ve nested my two components and extra time that might be confusing.

Done in Sketchup Make 2017

Since the perimeter edges are circles, you could select them and edit their radii one at a time by entering the desired radius in Entity Info. You’ll have to turn on Hidden Geometry so you can edit the radius of all of the rings, though. Here I’ve edited the inside radius of the hole as well as the major radius but nothing else.

As for the thickness you can use Scale. Select all of the donut’s geometry, get the Scale tool and pull up on the center handle on the top. LEt go of the mouse and type 4.5m and hit Enter. Adding the units will set the height to 4.5 m.

Frankly I think it would be faster and easier to draw a new profile instead.

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You’re right, redrawing was easy and I took the opportunity to clean up some of my nestings.