How to change diameter of two circles in a tube?


Here is a tube where I would like to change diameter of two selected circles (pointed by blue arrows). I want they to have the same diameter.

I tried scale tool but it always changes the distance between the circles, so when I add diameter it moves the circles outside from the center.

My goal is to change all circles diameter, especially on the left side because I have incorrect diameter of the center pipe and the left pipe. So the center pipe it too slim and the left side of the pipe is too big. I would like to know some trick how to do is in a simple way - maybe it is not needed to change diameter every circle separately? I still can use TGI3D tool to change pipe’s circles.


There is no image or model to enable us to answer your question.


Sorry, I have forgot to attach the image. Now added.


Instead of trying to change the diameter(s) in the 3D object you may want to keep the profile and adjust that till you are satisfied. See image:

The (circular) path has desired nr. of segments.
Then the profile (with radii with desired nr. of segments (red)) can be concentrated on.
Keep it and make the 3D object out of a copy of your profile/path setup.


what does nr. stand for (do you mean “number”)?


Yes, it seems shorter, … but not correct?


number is “no.”


Thank you.


I am not sure how you think to edit the profile. Not clear what is means of the red marks. I am afraid to delete the half of the object. I think it is not the preferable way I would go. The object is not made like two copies, but it is made from circle and then transformed to cylinder. Which means that I cannot to cut it into two halves. I am noting the fact, that circle is not a circle but polygon which could lead to new problem how to fit the two halves together.


I think you’ll find that @Wo3Dan is pointing out it is probably quicker to redraw the profile and Follow Me it.


It seems like you use tools which are not in Sketchup 8. Measurements, Dimensions, Length, Distance,Sides …


Every one of the tools shown in Box’s animated GIF are native SketchUp tools. They’ve been native forever. The tool icons might look a little different but they are present in SU8.


OK. I see it now. But how does Box use the Arc tool that the corner disappears. I had to delete the edges manually. He just draws the arc.


That, in fact, is new behaviour introduced in an newer version than 8.



Yes. As Amssi says, the automatic removal of the edge segments outside the arc is newer than SU8.

It would be useful if you put the SketchUp version in your profile. The word, “Bitness” is in no way useful.


I didn’t realise you were on SU8, would have done it manually if I’d remembered.
The rest is all the same tho.


Anyway it is clear now what you and Wo3Done mean with the profile and Follow me tool. Thanks.


I am not that far to know how to set my profile or signature… (How to do it?)


Click on your avatar (the B in the tan circle) in the upper right corner of the screen and then the gear icon. Scroll down the list and update your profile.


Thank you, I have updated the info.