Change amount of sections in arc/circle

Really simple one hopefully! I’m sure I’ve altered this before, now can’t find the setting. I draw very small radii so need to increase the amount of sections to allow the radius to be formed. Can someone please point me to the right place so I can adjust?? Thanks.

Entity Info panel

Thanks however this allows me to change the number of segments after a circle is drawn. Do you know how to adjust the drawing template so that you can draw a very small circle or import an image with very small radii? Need to pull in 0.2mm shapes from dwgs.

SketchUp - YouTube search?query=circle

CircleTool - Square One - YouTube

However SketchUp does not “play nice” with such a small dimensions (edges). Better to scale the model up by 100-1000, and when you done you can scale down again.
(Also see : )

Usually, creating things with edges or segments smaller than about 1 mm may fail. SketchUp works best for objects with sizes ranging from small furniture pieces to a city block.

And how arcs are treated when importing dwgs is another matter.

that’s a great help, hadn’t thought of that!