Models not loading in SketchUp for web, shared model unaccessible anymore

Hello all,

since this morning I cannot access my models in my Trimble home interface for SketchUp for web. I can log in, and access the Trimble home. I can see all my models loading, but they keep loading. After a while, I have another screen that says “Welcome to SketchUp, start modelling”.
Worse, I have shared yesterday a model with team members. They could access it yesterday but cannot anymore today.

Any idea of what’s happening? Did I lose all my work?

When my co-workers try to access the model via the shared link, they have a message saying ““something went wrong while trying to access this model””

I have the exact same issue. Assume that it is a system problem that will be resolved.

:grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:

I also have the exact same issue! Let’s hope we all can retrieve our work later then

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