Modelling Tyvek sheet


So, here’s a good one…

I’m trying to figure out the best way to draw Tyvek sheet, or similar such sheeting, used in wrapping timber buildings.

I’m not wanting to show it in the main model, but in smaller ‘Detail’ models, showing various critical construction elements.

Any thoughts and suggestions would be much appreciated.

I did think of just using a plane, with no thickness, and then applying a Tyvek texture, but if I place this directly on another group, such as the plywood facing, I get that z-facing intereference thing.

Many thanks



Single plane component, set to “cut opening” in the face it’s attached to?

One idea…


Ah, brilliant! I’ll give that a go.

Thank you.



If you give the sheet thickness you should be able to avoid the z-fightning problem. (It doesn’t have to be much)


Or just space a single face of textured Tyvek off the underlying object. As little as 1mm or 1/32nd inch will often do the trick


Maybe have a look at these models:


Depends on the model, but you might be able to just divide your the outside face of your plywood component in a graphically logical place and add a different texture or the tyvek logo.

I’ll post an image when I get back to the laptop.



Thank you everyone for your help. Very Much appreciated.

I tried the Single plane component, cutting an opening, and it worked perfectly.

Thank you.


Thank you Guys. Worked a treat. Some Construction detail in progress.



you could also duplicate the sheets and put each on separate layers (one with tyvek and one without) and switch the layers depending on the views?


Have you seen Nick Sonders work? He has some great examples of detailing.


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