Modelling triangle mesh

Any suggestions what plugin should I use to make a surface like this?

Start with the Sandbox tools since the are natively installed. Joint Push/Pull to give it thickness. If you find you need other tools, Artisan would be a good option.

Artisan Organic Toolset, Joint push pull, and round corner. And something to group them individually all at once…

I created the 3d mesh already, the question is how do I fold it on several angles

You could try s4u to Components

The Smoove Tool in the Sandbox tools will do that for you.

A quick example. Smove used to shape the mesh. Then I use CLF Greeble to make the tiles 3D and add the gaps between.

yeah i have this already, but i would like to fold it like a sheet of paper. Somehow i need to simulate the physics.

What you want keeps changing in each post. You started out asking how to create a mesh and give it the 3D shape as in your first image.

If you make each tile into a component or group, you could connect them and use something like MSPhysics to set hinges between the tiles and fold it over.


Yes, my original question wasn’t that precise. I’ll give this MSPhysics a try. Thanks!