Modelling from parts manuals

I’m retired and use Sketchup for fun and to keep my brain functioning.
I often try to do a model from a parts book (isometric, parallel). Is there a video, extension or some other explanation on how to do this successfully?

This link leads you to the sketchup campus website, there are free courses made by sketchup team members that will Heliodoro you to learn how to model properly on sketchup.

I don’t know of specific video or tutorial for modeling things like that. It’s mostly a case of breaking the thing down into component shapes and putting them together. I’ve done a lot of modeling of old machine parts and things like steam engines. I’ve never really seen any tutorials on doing them @TheOnlyAaron has done some machine parts in Live Stream videos on the SketchUp YouTube channel you could check out.

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I have an old engineering drawing book that I often refer to “Engineering Drawing” by Thomas French and Charles Vierck. The book is widely available used.

The book has a chapter “Pictorial Drawing” which I have found to be helpful.

Thanks for your response.

Thank for your response. Things like spools, springs and other internals are easy enough, it’s the cast bodies that catch me up.
Outside SU’s scope I feel.

Oh, it’s possible to model cast objects in SketchUp. I’ve modeled some with good results. Not terribly difficult. The process depends on how you will need to use the model after you’ve made it.

Here are a couple of cast things I’ve modeled over the years.

The patterns for casting on the left here.