Modeling the Yamadera Temple Live!

Let’s hang out and model the Yamadera Temple live in SketchUp!


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There used to be a long lost sage temple, too…

Hi all! Remember to swing by the stream today to say HI to our special guest! And check out as we model this:


Hi Aaron, looking forward to today’s stream but, struggling to find ANY source material for this one! Even Google Earth has nothing to show!

This video might include some extra views:

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…and for Faceme figures to populate it, here’s a suggestion:

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A couple of future ideas from chat:

Meenakshi Temple

The Sphinx

I was very interested in the fluent use of the Wacom (?) tablet and mini keyboard.

Everyso often I contemplate my Intuos 5 gathering dust on the shelf…

It is a regular full size, non-numeric keypad wireless keyboard he was using. Tyson is a big fellow, who is only dwarfed by the size of his coffee mug. Hence the keyboard looking small.

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I’ve been using a Wacom instead of a mouse since 1993, and it looked like he was using same model I have now. There was one model I had that came with a three button, wheel mouse that was used on top of the tablet, but they don’t do that anymore. SU isn’t particularly friendly to the Wacom pen, but I’ve managed to work out methods that work. I use a MacBook Pro for everything (at my desk and on the road), and my left hand is on the trackpad/keyboard all the time. Two finger scrolling on the trackpad provide the function of the middle wheel of the mouse for zooming. That works really well.