Modeling Optical Illusions with Tyson Live!

You will not believe your eyes when you watch this week’s SketchUp Live session! @TysonK will be running the mouse (or maybe the tablet, you just never know) with @matt_robison backing him up as we explore creation of things that simply cannot exist in the real world! Join us Live on YouTube!



Don’t forget to set a reminder at the YouTube link!

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It’s just aan illusion…

Here’s one from six or seven years ago.
optical  perversion


Thanks @Shep Now I can skip the live stream #spoileralert :stuck_out_tongue:

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Arrgh now my little brain is completely fried. I’d better watch what Tyson is up to to see if I can unravel my noggin’

Woah, love those examples😵‍💫 We’re starting in a couple minutes!

Animated… :wink:

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Great session Guys, really enjoyed it.

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