Modeling the Taj Mahal live!

Modeling the landmark building, the Taj Mahal, live! Join us!!


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Link please

There are three links in the post above.

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A couple of images to work with today…

I have that as a selfie.

But in truth someone else was holding the camera and had their eye to the view finder.

And the water was cleaner and the trees seedlings.

Oh man, that water looks pretty nasty.

How long ago was your picture taken Box?

25 years I think.

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…oh THAT Taj Mahal.

I thought you were going to model an Indian Restaurant…

(lot of UK Indian Restaurants / Takeaways are called variations on Taj Mahal…)

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The food is probably better there… I think the one pictured might not even have a functioning kitchen.

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We have one in Boulder called The Taj… one of my favorite places for a lunch buffet… but it would make for a pretty boring model!

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I thought you were going to be modeling this Taj Mahal. :smiley:

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We totally need to do a strip mall sometime… get the token nail salon, UPS/FedEx store, liquor store, smoke shop and 3 small restaurants.





I just found a way for Aaron to get some headstart with Friday’s complex models. :smiley: