LEGO Taj Mahal

I’ve been following @TheOnlyAaron’s creation of his Millennium Falcon and it made me want to play along. However, there’s only one Millennium Falcon, so I thought I would try a different subject instead.

There’s supposed to be 5,923 parts, but I left out some of the interior detail and tried to leverage components to reduce the overall file size.

Taj_Mahal_Final.skp (2.0 MB)

In the Warehouse:


I know a guy who’s really into Lego and always wanted the Taj Mahal but could never afford it. Apparently it disappeared from the shelves for some time and he assumed it were discontinued and lost hope of getting his hands on this “dream” model.

Anyway, maybe last year he noticed it for sale again. His wife, knowing how much he wanted it urged him to get it while he could. So he did and was absolutely over the moon he’d finally got it. They both spent the full weekend on the build together.

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My wife and my oldest son are the LEGO nuts in our family. My wife built the Taj Mahal last year, but it took her almost two weeks.

Ever since she built it, I’ve been wanting to model it in SketchUp :grinning:

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I don’t know how long it took them to complete but their daughter were nearly furious they started without her. It sounds like they’re all Lego nuts in that family.

Just for fun, I scaled it up to life-sized and geolocated it in a KMZ file for Google Earth:

Taj_Mahal_Geo.kmz (417.5 KB)


Rendered with KerkyThea:

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When I was looking up information on the Taj Mahal in order to scale the model to size, I came across an interesting paper that explained how the entire site was laid out on a grid:

Each grid square is 10 “dhanus” on a side and the base of the tomb plot is 5 x 5 squares, or 50D on a side. More about this can be found here:


I visited the replica some 30 years ago while traveling through India, less crowded!

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Now model it life size with life size Lego.

Like this?

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I had no idea that there was more than one …

And were forever happy after

I think you missed that last part of the story!