Modeling the Colosseum Live!

Modeling the incredible Colosseum, live in SketchUp! Join us!!


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You don’t shy away from the big ones! Hope you don’t ruin it! :grinning:


We should find Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris scale figures to put into it.

Here you go, B & C hanging out with C & L.

brucechuck.skp (527.4 KB)


Here are a couple of 3D visualisations of the the Colosseum would have looked in its heyday.

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Looking at the Colosseum it can obviously be constructed of many similar pieces arranged around in an ellipse. Here are some 2D views of such a section.

The difficult part would be scaling each “slice” so that it fits around in an ellipse (but you would only have to do 1/4). One thing missing from these is that on the very top level there is a wooden structure which adds even more steeply banked seats, for the plebeians I would guess.

Go do a walk through:,12.4915889,3a,75y,155.1h,90t/data=!3m8!1e1!3m6!1sAF1QipNTB-LYcFRqi_fQQU5MFApAZhzc2kO8Bdo6EFAx!2e10!3e11!!7i5760!8i2880

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Using s4u to components plugin


Nice plugin, if Aaron had used that he would have been finished in an hour!

In answer to Aaron’s on-air question (I got distracted with work things, and wasn’t there to answer live), here is a 10 minute scene from a 90 minute move (Way of the Dragon):

Many have argued that it’s the best Kung Fu scene ever. Certainly very honorable, I teared up at the end.


I like the unnecessary zoom on the kitty!

Another extension that should be very quick would be Fredoscale box tapering (on the completed 1/4 colosseum).

I imagine that it was to make you understand Bruce’s cat like movements during warm up. But also, it was creative editing.

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I once made a Kata for SketchUp. It is to draw the house of the original patent of SketchUp.

Sorry guys… Friday could have gone smoother! I was actually suffering from an ocular migraine through most of the stream. I tried to use some of the suggestions you guys had, but I am glad to see the solutions posted in here! You all rock!

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Friday was a good stream. You may remember just the problems, but how you tried to solve them was both entertaining and informative.

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Hey guys. Sorry I missed this live. Even though it was imperfect, it was still inspiring. Here are my two thoughts regarding the challenges experienced while modelling.

  1. Was the original JPG plan image perhaps incorrectly deformed? It could have set you off on the wrong footing from the outset.
  2. Would it possible to do it this way?
    a) Create a mould of the tranverse archways (a solid component / group). Set it to one side temporarily.
    b) Use the Follow me tool to drag the section-cut around the require arc.
    c) Put the solid component into the 17 positions required and use the “Interesect with model” tool
    d) Then you just have a clean-up job of deleting everything that isn’t required. (Although you were using some solid tools that appears to auto-clean up after the intersection is complete. Not sure how that works.)

First time I watched one of these live session - isn’t the point to try show SU’s native tools and only fall-back on plugins when there’s a bind?

I get those! I know you were forced to continue for the live stream (I now know why you stopped early) but if I try to force through mine it only gets worse and takes ages to clear up. If I close my eyes for 10-15 mins it is gone. :sweat: