Ceiling challenge!

Hi there, I’m here for the first time after years of using sketchup w/o any problem.

This time I really can’t figure out how to model this ceiling and hope someone can help!
I’m going to offer a beer to anyone solving this!

Ceiling model.skp (416.1 KB)

Looks like they are intersecting arcs, half round across the width, elliptical along the length. So you just need to draw the two arcs, extrude them, and then intersect. If you make each as a Group, you can use Solid Tools to create the intersecting lines. Then you can remove what you don’t need.

Tried that already, didn’t end up well, since the height of the arcs increases twards the centerof the room on both sides.

The model i uploaded has all the 4 faces of the room already modeled with arcs and heights on them

What shows in the photos is different from what you have drawn. As I said, the arc going across the width of the room appears to be elliptical not half round (all your arches look half round). Part of the problem is that we cannot see the whole of the ceiling in your photos and your latest one looks as if it was taken with a very wide angle lens (I presume the wall facing you is not in fact curved, but that’s how it appears). What would help is a photo taken from the floor in the centre of the room looking up at the whole ceiling.

Aah now i understand what you mean by elliptical, sorry, english is not my main language…
By the way, i have no idea how ti make them elliptical :confused: thats why in the model they are all half round

The ceiling on the other side is the same of the first picture, its like mirrored on the center on both axis

Creating an ellipse is easy. First draw a circle, then use scale to adjust one set of handles to squash the circle in one direction. If the centre of your circle is drawn on the edge of a background rectangle, you can erase the bottom half of it and Push-pull the remaining part of your rectangle.

You could use Curviloft (skinning) or SUbD.


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One problem is that the longwise middle arch solid is the wrong height. It should be the same arch as the shortwise middle arches. (You can see that their apexes meet in the photo you posted in the first post above.)

Another is that the room and the arch solids are not laid out square. Is the room really canted like this?

Also, modeling with profiles on is confusing. (Profiles on edges is a presentation style feature that should only be used for a presentation style used by a presentation scene page.)

To get the “major” arches, use the 3 point arc tool …

(But, again, this middle end arch solid is the wrong height. It should be the same as the middle one in the upper cropped image of the side arches.)


Yes the building is from the 15th century, they rally dont know what 90degrees mean

I did it somehow but sketchup didnt like it too much! (it messed up the original solid at almost every operation) I’ll post a picture later today

The middle arc in the short side is actually the same height as the “medium one” on the long side (not the same of the central one). You were right.

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